I’m Gonna Get There Part 2

This is part two of my Travel Log. I’ve thought about what countries and places to put on this 2nd list and realized that there’s still quite a few left, but I decided to narrow it down to just four more. Keeping in mind what a fellow blogger advised, I shall be linking the photos I will use to their original sites. If you guys want to check out some more stuff about the countries I will be listing down here, you can click on the photo and it will take you to a new site that will most likely have more useful information than my “Why New Zealand? Because Lord of the Rings was shot there.” 😀 So with that, let me begin my list…


You know those movies where there are pirates and treasures and hidden cities? Well, Halong Bay in Vietnam has a feel to it that’s just like that. Every time I look at photos, I feel like some sort of prehistoric creature is bound to appear out of nowhere and bite my fingers off. I would also want to meet the people and enjoy the food. A couple of my friends have already visited Vietnam and they say not only are the people incredibly pleasant, the food is to die for too. 🙂 Two of my favorite combinations! I shall see you soon Vietnam! 😀



Not forgetting my Asian roots (as you can see I’ve already listed Vietnam up top) I’d also like the opportunity to visit China. Not only do they have the Great Wall, which can be seen from the moon, gorgeous gardens and the Jiuzhaigou River, which is really pretty because of the beautiful array of colours; but they have… AUTHENTIC CHINESE FOOD! I am a sucker for Chinese. I can live off the stuff forever. I’d also like to get the chance to explore the other hidden treasures that China has to offer and paint the beautiful scenery. 😀 I’m no artist but I try. 🙂



I’ve always wanted to go on a Safari in Africa. Two of my favourite TV channels are Discovery and National Geographic. Animals fascinate me and I’d like to be able to spend some time in their natural habit as opposed to me looking through cages and aquariums and them looking back with sad eyes (granted, some may have been sad AND hungry eyes). There are some that are oblivious to the fact that Africa isn’t just a Savannah.


They also have beautiful beaches in Cape Town, South Africa as well as unspoiled islands like Seychelles off the East Coast of Africa. Another reason why I would like to visit Africa is, I’d like to be able to help out the people there through whatever means I can. I know that some people living there are not as fortunate as others and are not given enough attention and support. I hope to be able to find away to make their lives a little bit easier. I know I won’t be able to do as much as I would like but a little goes a long way. 🙂



Last place on my future tour around the world is good ‘ol Spain. I’ve got a little Spanish blood in me (and by little… I mean itty bitty :D) so I’d like to be able to experience the culture and see the sites for myself. I’ve always thought of Spain as a lively country. I have a couple of Spanish friends and they definitely do not disappoint. Their food is absolutely to-die-for and their clothes are stunning. I also love the fact that a lot of their streets are still made of cobbled stones. I think it gives it an olden touch of sorts. I think Spain is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to visit. 😀


This is where I end my travel log. Writing this entry has made me so excited for the future and even more determined to actually go to all the places that I’ve listed. I hope that one day I am able to get the chance to travel and experience all of these wonderful cultures and encounter all of these amazing people. The world truly is a magnificent place and every day we spend on it truly is a blessing! 😀





I’m Gonna Get There!

This is another list. I’ve made quite a few of these since I started this blog and I’m hoping the stuff I put in them have, more or less, provided you with a small glimpse of my persona. I start this post by saying how completely fascinated I am with the world. (I suck at geography though but let’s not get into that) This place we live in truly is a blessing. Its awesomeness never ceases to plaster a smile on my face. Such beauty just calls out to be explored and one of these days, I will answer that call.

I’ve decided to try my hand at making a travel entry. Not to the places I’ve been, but to the places I want to go to someday. There are just so many wonderful little nooks on this planet that I have yet to see, so many cultures I have yet to immerse myself in and, most importantly, there so many more delicacies I have yet to try and savour. 😛 Just thinking about it gets me all giddy and excited. 😀

This isn’t to say that I haven’t had my fair share of travel. I’ve been very fortunate in life and have touched down on four of the seven continents. Still, it’s nice to have something to tack up on your wish board (yes I have one of those) and dream about day and night and in all the spare minutes in between. 😀 Again, it looks like I will have to divide this entry into two. There’s so much to see and so many places to share that I’m pretty sure I’d start sounding like a travel book by the end of a full post. Bear with me here. 😀

photo from the internet - NEW YORK CITY

If you haven’t dreamt at least once about strolling the streets of Manhattan and enjoying the magnificence of Central Park, then you haven’t lived. There’s also the teeny tiny possibility of actually seeing a Broadway show IN Broadway. So many beautiful people, so many wonderful sites.  New York truly is “The city that never sleeps.”



photo from the internet - FRANCE

I have ticked off Europe on my list of continents because we’ve been lucky enough to visit London twice now. On

photo from the interent - AUSTRIA

our last visit, we joined a tour that took us to Bath in Somerset and Stonehenge (hence my lovely gravatar) but we have yet to venture out further than that. One day, I hope to scratch France (the Eiffel Tower, Chateau de Chantilly, Arc de Triomphe), Austria (huge Sound of Music fan!), Ireland (don’t even get me started. I was a little girl once. HELLO CASTLES!), Italy (food, glorious FOOD!), Spain (rich culture and colorful history), Greece (again with the amazing food, the beautiful people and the breath taking view and cobalt blue water) and Switzerland (chocolate) off my list. Okay… Honestly, I would love to be able to scratch as many European countries as I can. I think Europe truly is a rich and wonderful place!


photo from the internet - NEW ZEALAND

The minute I laid eyes on the vast lands of New Zealand in the movie Lord of the Rings, I knew I had to one day walk on the same ground as Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship. I’ve always loved nature. Even the smallest rock has an interesting story to tell.  The best part about being able to visit this place is being able to see my 2 cousins. 🙂


photo from the internet - BORA BORA

I absolutely LOVE the beach. My country, the Philippines, is surrounded by tons of beaches, some commercialized (cabanas, white tanning chairs, karaoke, villa’s… The works) while others remain untouched (a blanket, some food and the stars). Regardless, taking a dip in the water is something I really enjoy doing. I guess this is why another place I’ve always wanted to go to is Bora-Bora. The ambience of the place just leaves me breathless. The thought of encountering something completely unexpected underwater gives me quite a thrill. 🙂


photo from the internet - BRAZIL

Brazil is just such a lively place that you can’t help but want that upbeat lifestyle even if it’s just for a little while. Every time I see photos or movies of this country, it’s always so colourful and so alive. I also love how their music speaks to each person and how dance has become a language that speaks to every heart and every soul may it be young or old. I believe that this place truly is magical in its own special way. 😀


And with this, I end part one of my soon-to-be travel log. I promise I will post part two just as soon as I decide which places I really really want to visit. And to Greg and Krista, my awesome followers, I shall post my Bucket List if and when I have decided what to put in it. 😀 Don’t worry though, I’ve already started! CHEERS! 🙂