I’ve never been one for horror flicks. They scare the bejeezus out of me every single time. I guess that’s why it took me forever to actually get into the whole Walking Dead fad. I could go on and on but, long story short, ME + ZOMBIES that actually look real (not that I’ve actually seen one in real life) = DISASTER

Having said that, I’ve made a personal list (here we go again with the lists) of the people who should AVOID watching this series. (I say avoid instead of never because, well, you never say never right?)


____________ + Walking Dead = BAD IDEA!


    It’s more than a little gory and it CAN get pretty violent. My brother is 16 years old and he still cringes and looks away in some parts. My friend, being the smart Mommy that she is (and I say this sarcastically,) watched the show with her 6 year old daughter. Now her daughter goes into her room at night saying, “Mommy, I think I hear Walkers outside.”


    By chicken, I don’t mean the animal (although the chickens here at home do react to the sounds at times.) The chickens I’m referring to are those people that pee in their pants every time a loud BANG bursts out from the TV. Unless you get your kicks from staring at a friend of yours passed out on the couch, watching this show with a scaredy cat couldn’t be farther from a stress-free Saturday night with the gang. Yeah it’s funny the first couple of  shrieks but when your friends lips start paling, you know it’s time to hit the stop button on that DVD player.


    If you consider yourself someone with an active imagination, you should think twice about watching this series. Usually, people who are able to picture things vividly in their minds carry a very special gift. Unfortunately, when left with their thoughts and the lights are off, the zombies start to become that much more real.

  4. QUEASY QUEENS (my brother’s contribution)

    I can’t stress the word GORY enough. Blood is one thing but severed body parts, exploding heads and continuous spillage of guts can get your tummy turning inside out faster than you can say WALKER!


With that, I end my 2 cents worth on the topic of WALKING DEAD. If you do decide to watch this series, ease into it. Trust me, diving into it from zero will keep you up at night wondering about all the little bumps and creaks around the house.

As for me, I’m a CHICKEN, an IMAGINATION ARTIST and a QUEASY QUEEN rolled into one big mess. I watch this show and my eyes start bulging out of their sockets and my nails run out faster than the eraser on the end of a number 2 pencil.

The funny thing is though, the minute I started watching this show, I was HOOKED! It drove me crazy the night I first started watching it. I woke up at 3am, looked around my dark bedroom and wanted to glue my eyes shut. I freak out easily and I don’t really know what pushed me to start watching this series but in a way, it’s been both the reason for a few stress lines on my face as well as the reason for some of the smile lines too.


FINAL STATEMENT, Walking Dead is INSANE in both the good and the gory way. If you do decide to stick it into your player, make sure you’ve cleared your bladder and screwed your head on real tight! It’ll be one hell of a ride! 🙂