The funny, funnier and downright comical…

If you would allow me (and again I say, you don’t really have much of a choice,) I would very much like to dedicate this blog entry to my crazy ass friends and our fairly stupid and extremely goofy conversation earlier today that literally had me rolling on the floor laughing and crying at the same time. Before I get into the actual story though, I’d like to be able to give you guys an image of how my friends look like. It would be nice if you all could picture real people in your heads when I tell you the story and not some psychotic looking memes from

This gal here is MIKO. She's crazy talented and always has something to say about everything. She's a bomb when she laughs because her voice literally explodes out of her mouth.

This is LESLEY. She and I have been friends for 5 years now. She can be the queen of perky or the mistress of sulksville (depending on her mood) She's pretty amazing and... NO, she isn't blonde.

AYLA here is the little miss cutesy girl-next-door. In truth though, she's dorkier than most people. I personally think that at 22, she still lives in her own Lala Land.

This is JUJU but only people close to her are allowed to call her that. Otherwise, she answers to the name JUDITH. This kid has the sweetest heart and the most infectious laugh ever.

Last is HONEY. She's always game to try something new at least once and she has the kindest heart and the biggest dreams.





















So these 5 people, plus myself, were the ones that made up the laughing gas gang (sucky name, I know…) earlier this afternoon. Now that I’ve officially introduced you to my friends, (well, technically, I did a cyber introduction) I’ll start with the story. I don’t promise that it will as funny to you as it was to us, nor do I guarantee tearful laughter or any sort of laughter for that matter. I do know that’s it’s been a while since I laughed that hard and had to clutch my tummy to keep from peeing in my pants.

Anyhow, it all started with the book/movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. If you’re not aware of the story, I’ll give you a quick rundown. It’s basically about these 4 friends that have known each other forever and will be separating for the summer. They go thrift shopping and find these pair of pants that magically fit each and everyone of them perfectly regardless of their body type. Needless to say, they end up buying the pants. They make a pact, promising to take good care of the pants while in their possession. They also agreed to have the pants circulate among the 4 of them for the whole summer so that in some way, they are able to share their adventures with each other even if they’re not actually together.








If you’re interested to know the rest of the story, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is the 1st book in a 4 part series. It’s also a pretty good read but I’m pretty sure guys won’t be too crazy about the book. 😀

Back to my story…

So we were all eating lunch together in the Council Office when Miko brings up the whole Traveling Pants thing. She was saying how we should all go thrift shopping and find ourselves our own magical pants. The rest of us looked at her like she was some weirdo high on black markers and soda. Here’s the thing, I have a friend who’s probably a bit wider than a twig. I, on the other hand, am as big as a trunk so… Finding actual pants that won’t make her look like a deranged rapper and me Jabba the Hutt’s queen in jeans, will be nothing short of a miracle.

One thing led to another and we all ended up talking about what other item of clothing we could replace the pants with. We figured something like a traveling shirt (not washing that would be disgusting) traveling socks (HELLO Athletes Foot) traveling shoes (the foot binding experience for the size 9’s and the Bozo the clown moment for the size 5’s) and, seeing as we were all women at the time, the traveling bra. 😀 We thought about getting a really expensive, top branded bra and splitting it among maybe 18 of us (there are almost 30 people in my group and most of them are women) and that’s where the fun started.

Miko was the one who suggested the branded bra, Lesley said it should be in my size since I was the biggest and both Ayla and Juju were busy trying to keep  themselves from toppling over. It was pretty funny. There were all sorts of suggestions as to how we would go about making everyone fit into the underwear (we’ve long accepted the fact that finding an enchanted bra was slim to none) I had no problems but remember that friend I was talking about earlier? The one that was slightly wider than a twig? Well, we figured she could just wrap the bra around her top and make it took like a corset chemise sort of thing. Miko then proceeded to suggest that she fill the front part with weights (don’t ask me why. I can’t explain the workings of my friend’s mind anymore than you can 😀 )

Other suggestions were made and more carbon dioxide was released into the room via our seemingly unlimited supply of mirth. It came to a point where I was literally crying and laughing and clutching the edge of my seat to keep myself upright.

This, I think, is the best part about hanging out and just chilling… You realize that moments like that are beautiful and they make life brighter and more alive. I am grateful every day for the friends I have and the happy as well as the sad times we share. HAKUNA MATATA BABY! 😀 CHEERS!