And The Hunt Begins!

After one has been able to enjoy the life of a student, most are forced to face “the real world” (so to speak.) Ironically, reality seldom involves Algebra, Trigonometry or the ability to hit the volleyball over the net with a perfectly executed serve. One cannot truly be labelled an adult until they are exposed to the gruelling adventure that is JOB HUNTING.

Graduation marks the end of an era. Once you walk up that stage and get that diploma, you’re on your own. Naturally, those that graduate with top marks get the most job offers. They are the gods of the hunt. As they busy themselves with shopping for the proper attire, the mere mortals step off that platform and type up their resumes with a flair that would put Jane Austen to shame. Despite what people might say, first impressions do last. Thus begins the tedious task of highlighting possible career options as well as the mental calculation of efficient employment hunting routes.

Here in the Philippines, more than half the population rely on public transport.  The lucky ones with cars show up for an interview with a dazzling smile, a perfectly put together outfit and impeccable personal hygiene. The ones that struggle for a seat in the jeepney at six in the morning to make it in time for an interview at eight tend to develop unnecessary sweat stains and rumpled clothing. Not a pleasant sight but sometimes unavoidable.

Regardless of your personal circumstances, you start the day with hope in your heart and a spring in your step. By 6:00pm, you hear the echo of the pounding of your feet, the growling of your empty tummy as well as the slumped position of your shoulders. Day 1, no luck. You go home, tuck yourself in for the night, wake up in the morning and the cycle begins again.

The direction of your hunt should seem pretty clear. ALL nurses end up working in hospitals, ALL tourism graduates land jobs in airlines or travel agencies, ALL engineers and architects join or start their own firms, ALL teachers get to share their hard earned knowledge with the next generation and every single cow in this world can fly to the moon and back. Impossible? Well so is that ridiculous notion of everyone landing their dream job.

A friend of mine studied nursing for 6 years. That’s 6 years of sleepless nights and hard hitting exams. At present, she works as a call centre agent for a multi-national company. Another friend took up Culinary and Hospitality Management in college. She is currently waiting tables at a restaurant in Singapore. I seriously doubt if these were the careers they had in mind when they worked their butts off to graduate. Unfortunately, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

We should all be so lucky to get a job that we like much less a job that we actually love. We’re never really certain where life will take us. One day you’re ready to tackle the world with a vengeance but the minute you don’t get your way, all is lost and everything is dreary once again.

This world holds so many brilliant minds. The sad part is, only a few will be given the chance to actually shine. Whether we want to admit it or not, there aren’t enough positions in this world to accommodate everyone’s wants and dreams.

Job hunting is a battle against hundreds, sometimes, thousands of people vying for the same spot. You think you stand out? Well, other people in that same line you’re in think the exact same thing about themselves. Will you be the lucky one? You’ll just have to wait and see.


4 thoughts on “And The Hunt Begins!

  1. This. This exactly.

    Also, don’t forget those of us who GET the job we’ve been training, interviewing, and vying for, only to find that it wasn’t really what we wanted at all. I went through four years of university and almost a year of job-searching before I found my first real “career” job. Within a few months I started to seriously wonder what the hell I’d been thinking. It’s not that the job was so awful or anything – I even enjoyed it about half of the time – but it just wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. Four years and a lot of money down the drain to learn that.

    Not to mention those of us who go through all that nonsense only to bulid up a life and have it all come crumbling down because of various factors (economy, etc.). I worked that job for five years, and during that time I got married, bought a car, bought a house, and had a baby. And just then, when everything was all neat and tidy and I was in as much debt as I could pretty much imagine, the company shut down and I was out of a job. Better yet, my husband who also worked there was also out of a job.

    Sometimes the world is just a cruel monster, and you’ve got to deal with it. Knowing that doesn’t make it any easier when it happens, but at least we know we’re not alone. Right? Right?? 😛

    • Wow! You are somethin else entirely. To be able to smile after all of that is AMAZING to me. But yeah… Loads of people think they want something at the beginning but when they actually get into it… Turns out, it’s not what they want to be doing for the rest of their lives. That’s the sucky part.
      It is really good to know though that problems like this don’t just smack you in the face. Sometimes it feels like somebody’s playing a joke on you because you get such rotten luck. It doesn’t seem as bad when there are others just like you. 😀

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