A pat on the back… (Day 2)

After plastering my faults in my previous post, I was pretty psyched to write this entry for Day 2.Β  If you don’t understand what I mean by “Day 2”, please check out my previous post HERE.

After digging my own grave (so to speak,) I shall now try to tweak my ego up a bit by sharing a few things I can actually do right. πŸ™‚ This is to show you all that I’m not such a bad person and that I am not totally insecure about myself. πŸ˜€


  • I love how I am able to laugh at myself when I make a goofy mistake.
  • It’s funny how I can memorize all sorts of tunes and songs in my head and make it seem like I listen to stuff like that all the time when truthfully, I’ve only heard some of those songs once or twice.
  • I think it’s pretty cool how I can whip up something interesting in the kitchen and, more often than not, have it turn out to be something edible and other times, pretty incredible. (YEP! Chef in the making right here. I wish! Haha. πŸ˜€ )
  • I love how I get so wrapped up in a book I’m reading that I tune out everything and everyone else around me and live in my own Lala Land.
  • It takes very little to make me smile. I get a little pick-me up note from a friend and I’m set for the day.
  • I don’t claim to be any sort of professional dancer but I can bust a move given the chance.
  • To be blessed with an amazing group of friends means that I must be doing SOMETHING right with my life. So whatever that something is will be listed as the last one on this list. (If I figure out what that is, I’ll let you know! πŸ˜€ )


β€œNo matter what age you are, or what your circumstances might be, you are special, and you still have something unique to offer. Your life, because of who you are, has meaning.”

– Barbara de Angelis


Thank you all for being so amazing and I hope you guys continue to keep me company for the next 28 days as I journey towards finding myself and sharing my life with all of you. CHEERS! πŸ˜€



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