For my special little people who are slowly growing up…

I’ve always wanted a little sister. Don’t get me wrong. My not-so-little brother is the sunshine of my life (a cliché I know but he is) and he and I are inseparable but, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a mini-me of sorts.

Being the eldest cousin on both sides, (although I have yet to be blessed with one on my Mom’s side) I thought I’d be able to dote on my younger female cousins. Unfortunately, certain complicated circumstances have gotten in the way (but I won’t get into that now) so I haven’t been given that opportunity until recently.

By that time, Lea (female cousin #1) and her brother Andre migrated to New Zealand so I wasn’t really able to spend so much time with either of them.



I was able to form some sort of bond with Eena (female cousin #2) and her little sister Euha (female cousin #3) but, as luck would have it, they migrated to Dubai late last year.



I’m now left with Issa (female cousin #4) and her older brother Marvin whom I have yet to connect with on a deeper level (hopefully we get to do that soon yeah? 🙂 )



and Erika (female cousin # 5) who is probably the closest to me at the moment.



This entry was born out of the sudden need for me to impart some of my knowledge (No matter how measly they may be) to my younger cousins. Because we aren’t able to speak face to face, I shall let the power of modern technology work to my advantage.

Know that I write this full of hope for each of your futures and with love for every single one of you.  


  • Always have a good head on your shoulders.

You are all so amazingly talented and incredibly blessed. Stay humble and stick to the values your parents have worked so hard to instil in you. You’ll never go wrong if you remember to always be grateful to every single person who has helped and supported you along the way.


  • Learn to make your own decisions.

You don’t always have to do what other people tell you to. (Your parents being the exemption) You’ve learned all the essentials, now you have to act on them. Don’t ignore what other people have to say but don’t allow them to dictate your life either. It’s YOUR life so live it the way you see fit.  As you grow older, you’ll learn to tell the difference between right and wrong. Granted, making mistakes is a part of life but, try to lean towards doing what’s good and proper. You’ll end up loving yourself for it.


  • Always aim for the best. (from Kuya Jong)

Don’t be contented with mediocrity because once you do, you’ll end up settling and never aiming for perfection. Keep working and aiming for something better. There’s no other way but UP! 🙂


If we do not strive to improve ourselves,                 

We cease to be perfect.”

-Kuya Jong

(Yes my brother is a geek but he’s a lovable one. :D)


  • Learn to live in the moment.

Planning things is great but there are times when you have to be spontaneous. Life’s no fun when you’ve planned out every single detail of it.


  • You don’t always have to care about what other people think.

You’re not always going to agree with every Tom, Dick and Harry that you meet. Don’t let that bug you. What matters is that you’re happy with yourself and with the choices you make in life. Trust me, being normal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 😉


  • Venture out of your comfort zones. Write your own stories.

You can’t always hide behind Mommy and Daddy. There’s no doubt that your parents will move heaven and earth for you guys (I know mine does) but you have to learn to do things for yourself and make your own bloopers in life. It’s okay to act a little goofy sometimes. Trying new things is the only way you’ll be able to discover yourself. 😀


  • (For my female cousins) Play hard to get.

You’re all so beautiful and any guy would be lucky to get a second look from any of you. You’re at that age when you start crushing on boys (Although your parents would strongly disagree) and having those boys crush on you right back. Don’t be in a rush girls. You’re all so young and there’s a lot more to think about than boys. You’ll get there soon enough (to the horror of your Dad’s) but for now, enjoy the beauty this world has to offer you and continue exuding your AWESOMENESS. 🙂


  • Learn to forgive and move on.

Mistakes are human. Don’t expect people to always do the right thing. If someone ends up hurting you, learn to forgive. It won’t do you any good to have negative feelings fester and boil inside you. You’ll end up hurting others as well as yourself.


  • Dream beautiful and DREAM BIG.

Life is yours for the taking! Dream about everything wonderful and aspire for the world.


“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
 Life is beauty, admire it.
 Life is a dream, realize it.
 Life is a challenge, meet it.
 Life is a duty, complete it.
 Life is a game, play it.
 Life is a promise, fulfill it.
 Life is sorrow, overcome it.
 Life is a song, sing it.
 Life is a struggle, accept it.
 Life is a tragedy, confront it.
 Life is an adventure, dare it.
 Life is luck, make it.
 Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
 Life is life, fight for it.”

– Mother Teresa




CARPE DIEM my loves! I love all seven of you with every fiber of my being. I can’t wait to share in all of your adventures.

The Cousins plus Tito Alan and Tita Mikay (Sadly, no Lea and Andre)


14 thoughts on “For my special little people who are slowly growing up…

  1. The gift of family is a precious gift. The love and support of family makes you dream that you can do anything. Your have a wonderful bunch of happy, generous, loving family. The beautiful smiles says it all. Wishing you all life’s wonderful blessing…

  2. We’ve only bonded for a short period and I wish it were longer. Now that we moved to Dubai, hanging out seems to happen once in a blue moon.
    Hopefully we could enjoy another “cousin’s day” but this time with Andre and Lea.

  3. This was such a great and uplifting post. Thanks for sharing your family with us.
    Family is so important and being able to influence younger children in a positive way is so fulfilling.

    • That’s such a wonderful thing to say. Thanks! 🙂 I agree about the whole family thing though. I may not be able to spend so much time with my cousins but I love each and every one of those little buggers to death. 😀 I’d like to be able to give them something to use because they’re all growing up so fast.

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