I’m Gonna Get There!

This is another list. I’ve made quite a few of these since I started this blog and I’m hoping the stuff I put in them have, more or less, provided you with a small glimpse of my persona. I start this post by saying how completely fascinated I am with the world. (I suck at geography though but let’s not get into that) This place we live in truly is a blessing. Its awesomeness never ceases to plaster a smile on my face. Such beauty just calls out to be explored and one of these days, I will answer that call.

I’ve decided to try my hand at making a travel entry. Not to the places I’ve been, but to the places I want to go to someday. There are just so many wonderful little nooks on this planet that I have yet to see, so many cultures I have yet to immerse myself in and, most importantly, there so many more delicacies I have yet to try and savour. 😛 Just thinking about it gets me all giddy and excited. 😀

This isn’t to say that I haven’t had my fair share of travel. I’ve been very fortunate in life and have touched down on four of the seven continents. Still, it’s nice to have something to tack up on your wish board (yes I have one of those) and dream about day and night and in all the spare minutes in between. 😀 Again, it looks like I will have to divide this entry into two. There’s so much to see and so many places to share that I’m pretty sure I’d start sounding like a travel book by the end of a full post. Bear with me here. 😀

photo from the internet - NEW YORK CITY

If you haven’t dreamt at least once about strolling the streets of Manhattan and enjoying the magnificence of Central Park, then you haven’t lived. There’s also the teeny tiny possibility of actually seeing a Broadway show IN Broadway. So many beautiful people, so many wonderful sites.  New York truly is “The city that never sleeps.”



photo from the internet - FRANCE

I have ticked off Europe on my list of continents because we’ve been lucky enough to visit London twice now. On

photo from the interent - AUSTRIA

our last visit, we joined a tour that took us to Bath in Somerset and Stonehenge (hence my lovely gravatar) but we have yet to venture out further than that. One day, I hope to scratch France (the Eiffel Tower, Chateau de Chantilly, Arc de Triomphe), Austria (huge Sound of Music fan!), Ireland (don’t even get me started. I was a little girl once. HELLO CASTLES!), Italy (food, glorious FOOD!), Spain (rich culture and colorful history), Greece (again with the amazing food, the beautiful people and the breath taking view and cobalt blue water) and Switzerland (chocolate) off my list. Okay… Honestly, I would love to be able to scratch as many European countries as I can. I think Europe truly is a rich and wonderful place!


photo from the internet - NEW ZEALAND

The minute I laid eyes on the vast lands of New Zealand in the movie Lord of the Rings, I knew I had to one day walk on the same ground as Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship. I’ve always loved nature. Even the smallest rock has an interesting story to tell.  The best part about being able to visit this place is being able to see my 2 cousins. 🙂


photo from the internet - BORA BORA

I absolutely LOVE the beach. My country, the Philippines, is surrounded by tons of beaches, some commercialized (cabanas, white tanning chairs, karaoke, villa’s… The works) while others remain untouched (a blanket, some food and the stars). Regardless, taking a dip in the water is something I really enjoy doing. I guess this is why another place I’ve always wanted to go to is Bora-Bora. The ambience of the place just leaves me breathless. The thought of encountering something completely unexpected underwater gives me quite a thrill. 🙂


photo from the internet - BRAZIL

Brazil is just such a lively place that you can’t help but want that upbeat lifestyle even if it’s just for a little while. Every time I see photos or movies of this country, it’s always so colourful and so alive. I also love how their music speaks to each person and how dance has become a language that speaks to every heart and every soul may it be young or old. I believe that this place truly is magical in its own special way. 😀


And with this, I end part one of my soon-to-be travel log. I promise I will post part two just as soon as I decide which places I really really want to visit. And to Greg and Krista, my awesome followers, I shall post my Bucket List if and when I have decided what to put in it. 😀 Don’t worry though, I’ve already started! CHEERS! 🙂





5 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Get There!

  1. Hey thats a great list you’ve got there, I agree with tonnes of your choices! You’ve also mentioned a couple I don’t know that much about so it will be interesting to look those up! I’m proud to to say I have been to London (living in England and all 🙂 ) and France and will soon be ticking off New York! 🙂 Quite proud of that actually. 🙂
    What’s it like in the Philippines? It’s a place I’ve never heard that much about, I have a friend who used to live there but he hasn’t mentioned it much….I take it from the beach scene it can maybe be quite hot? Do you have a signiture food like we have fish and chips? Haha 🙂

    • It can get pretty hot here sometimes but other times, it’s actually quite pleasant. Signature food would probably be Balut but I don’t eat that. Haha. Food here is pretty normal but it can get exotic at times. 😀

  2. Great post! I just wanted to let you know that instead of “PHOTO FROM THE INTERNET” you should be properly crediting the source, at least with a link if you click the photo. Cheers!

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