Confessions of a Seething Daughter

WARNING: Complete ranting ahead. I apologize in advance.

I’ve been on a writing strike for a while. Not because I want to… I would love nothing more than to indulge my reading and my writing, but alas… Every writer goes through their rainy and messed up moments. My train of thought has made a temporary detour, and my mind has been blank the last couple of days, hence, the completely random last entry dated the 4th of February.

Today, however, the train was jolted into locomotion by a very irritating and downright spiteful creature. No names shall be mentioned although I must say I have taken quite a strong dislike to a certain type of flower for the sheer reason of her carrying the same name. (To this I say TO THE FLOWER, “You poor, poor blossom”)

Let me start by saying that I have ZERO respect for people who talk crap about other people behind their back. I’m also pissed as hell at people who promise to do something and end up screwing you over in the long run. Basically, people who have the word FAKE invisibly tattooed on their forehead MAKE-MY-BLOOD-BOIL.

Trust me when I say, I’m not an angry person. I’m actually quite pleasant most of the time. What irks me to no end is when certain people mess with the people I love. In this case, my Mom.

Golden Rule: Never mess with a person’s Mom. NEVER!

The funny thing is, this creature of darkness, this bitter shell of a woman… She’s a Mother herself. And to you I say… What sort of example are you setting for your daughter? With the way things are going and with the despicable people she’s exposed to every single day, I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns out to be just as wicked as you…

Stop trying to make my Mother look bad because it isn’t going to work. My Mom has proven time and time again, how hardworking, honest and incredible she is. You, on the other hand, are too busy chasing after your fluttery dreams of a happily ever after with your less than perfect Prince Charming (I use this term loosely, if at all) and your eyes that are way too far apart to even be on the same face. Speaking of that, I also suggest you see someone about that creepy face fetish of yours. The one where you assume the camera loves your face so you take dozens of photographs of yourself from every possible angle… Not working for you at all. That’s just soooo lame! Please don’t think so highly of yourself because you end up looking like such a social climbing loser.

You better look closely at that woman staring back at you in the mirror before you start blabbing and yammering on and on. You sound worse than a brainless Dodo.

— Honey, you shouldn’t have made such an effort trying to hide who you are because the snake will crawl out eventually. I have said my peace and I am so done with you.



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